Hello all! My name is Jesse, and this is my new blog “Touchless shortstop.”

The name was inspired by the rangers doubleheader on June 25th, 1976 in which shortstop Toby Harrah did not touch the ball once.

Over the past summer, I’ve taken an interest in collecting autographs, which is what this blog will primarily be about. Be they from a show, from a game, or through the mail, every autograph has a story, as does every player.

For a little bit about me, I’m a fan of both baseball and football. If I had to pick a favorite baseball team, I’d say the reds or rangers. The big red machine era was awesome (Johnny bench was actually my first HOF’er autograph! Nice guy.) and I graph the down east wood ducks, the single A affiliate of the rangers, in person. My favorite football team is much more defined: The New Orleans Saints! (Who dat!)

I’d like to thank William Regenthal for inspiring me to start my blog, as well as showing me the ropes of graphing when I was completely clueless to it.

Thank you as well to all of my friends at Grangier stadium. Josh, Matt, Chris, Jessie, Billy, and nameless others who have shown me kindness and made me feel welcome in Kinston.